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Medical Assistant Program

The Medical Assistant Program is designed to provide the students with clinical and administrative skills, which will enable them to perform both front and back office procedures in medical offices.  Students will learn how to setup an examination room and assist with general examinations, take vital signs, injections, capillary punctures, venipuncture’s, perform and evaluate routine laboratory tests.  Students will learn how to use these skills and procedures via classroom and clinical hands-on training.  The medical assistant graduates will be qualified for entry-level employment in medical offices, various hospital departments, and health-care clinics.  They can seek postgraduate employment positions as a medical assistant, patient care assistant, patient care technician, medical office receptionist and administrative health assistant.
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48-Week Medical Assistant         Print 48-Week Medical Assistant

Physical Therapy Technician Program

The Physical Therapy Technician program is designed to provide the student with a basic understanding of the important role a physical therapy technician contributes to the rehabilitation team.  Students will learn to perform all the duties and responsibilities required to carry out the non-technical skills of physical therapy.  A graduate of this program will be qualified to obtain an entry-level job as a physical therapy technician in physical therapy clinics, occupational therapy clinics, home health care agencies, nursing homes, hospitals, fitness centers, orthopedic offices, and sports medicine clinics.
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Massage Therapy Program

The Massage Therapy Program is designed to provide the students with clinical and administrative skills, which will enable them to complete the massage therapy program as well as apply for the Massage Therapy Examination required for registration as a massage therapist under the Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 455*. Graduates of the program are prepared for employment in private practice or positions with spas, salons, chiropractors, medical doctors, physical therapists, sports medicine, and wellness centers.
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