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Health Technician from Texas Health School in Houston TX


  • Ms. Webb understood the subject matter, was well prepared for each class and was enthusiastic about teaching — Student
  • The instructor was very enthusiastic and fully knowledgeable of the subjects taught — J.F.
  • Ms. D is a wonderfully well-rounded teacher.  She made this class better by both pushing us and having a great sense of humor.  I really enjoyed the class. —- Student
  • I really enjoyed Ms. D.  She is a great teacher, she doesn’t candy coat anything.  I know if I am doing anything wrong she will help me learn how to do it right —- J.T.
  • The enthusiasm of Ms. D made you excited about what you were learning, I like the smaller class. Ms. D shows she has great compassion and love for what she does and I hope that all of her students adopt that compassion and take it with them into the field of healthcare. —- Student
  • The enthusiasm and instructor confidence was great.  We had a constant flow of information, no non-learning time very well done. . —- T.S.
  • You can clearly see that she loves to teach and she is blessed with this skill.  The world needs more people like Ms. D. I hope to keep in touch with her through the years!. —- S.S.
  • I loved the fact that Ms. D. gave her all in the class.  She was easy to understand.  I am confident to use my skills on my job.. —- T.P.
  • I liked that the class is small and personal; the instructor is very qualified and passionate about the subject.  I would recommend Texas Health School.. —- Student
  • Ms. D. was so knowledgeable and able to explain even the hardest and most uncomfortable situations with ease, she is truly an expert.  I just want to thank Ms. D. for being such a good teacher.  She really knows what she is teaching and teaches us from her experiences as a nurse.  We are so fortunate to have had her as our instructor.  I for one am grateful for her knowledge and openness and willingness to explain things when we didn’t fully understand.  I always felt comfortable asking her for further explanations if I didn’t get it the first time.  Thanks Ms. D. I am confident that because of your training I will do well in my field.   —- M.H.
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